northern checkpoint: as usual, renewing agricultural crossing permits was stopped until the olive-harvestin October

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Roni S. and Hannah H. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

05:45 – 07:20

05:45 – Barta’a Checkpoint

On the way to the checkpoint, we meet a vehicle with building construction workers traveling to the building site in the city of Harish.  In the upper parking lot, many yellow transits are waiting to transport workers – but there are no workers.  Only a few seamstresses who were late, cross over into Barta’a, and a small group of workers crosses over to work in the Seamline Zone: in Harish, in Barta’a and also a bit in Israel. In the terminal, four windows are open but are not particularly busy.  Workers return to the West Bank from their night shift in Shahak.

In the upper parking lot, they finished building the large shed, with benches, to guard against sun and rain.

06:30 – Anin Checkpoint, Agricultural Checkpoint

The checkpoint opened on time.  Only eleven people and two tractors pass through.  We are told that now they are not renewing agricultural permits; the District Coordination Office (DCO), is waiting until the start of the olive-picking season (on the first of October), and then they will distribute permits. Two young people who want to cross are delayed for a check of their papers as the security guard points his gun at them.  In the end, they are returned to the village.

06:55 – Tura Checkpoint

The checkpoint is supposed to open at 06:30, but it still isn’t functioning.  The soldiers who guard only arrive now and the crossing begins.  Thirty people cross over to the Seamline Zone.  They tell us that yesterday the checkpoint was opened an hour late, only at 07:30.  Cars with passengers travel in two directions.

The school year began five days ago and pupils cross to school in Jenin.  An auto from the single house passes by the checkpoint and lets pupils out; some cross the checkpoint to Tura, and some wait for transportation to Umm Reihan, which is in the Seamline Zone.

At 07:20, girls cross the checkpoint to school in the West Bank.  The boys study at the new school in Daher el malec.