Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal


10:45 When we arrived, Palestinian cars filled the parking lot, but it emptied quickly. The waiting room was almost empty. Those who came, waited a short time and were let in. No line formed and it was stress-free. Fortunately, this week, too, the soldier on duty was courteous and polite.

Two brothers approached us and said that a week ago they received an entry permit - for half a year. Yesterday, when they reached the checkpoint, they were informed that they were "police-banned." The police told them that if they brought a letter from an employer declaring that he was ready to employ them – the ban would be removed.

Today they provided a letter from an employer, but the police, who show up intermittently, were not present and the ban was not removed. A person who came after said he too was trying to remove his ban. Three months ago, he learned that he was GSS-prevented. He was not told what was the reason for the ban and to this day he has no idea what and why. Today he came to try to remove it. An elderly man who approached us, said that in 2013 he became banned because of false accusations. A man who heard the remarks about the false accusations said that his uncle, a Village Head, told him that false plots were being spread sometimes because of "women's issues". A man arrived and complained that his working permit was taken away from him although the permit was valid and he received a written notification that he is police prevented because his permit had expired. He asked for our help.

We gave him, and everyone else, advice based on our experience.