Accompanying shepherds from Fersiya

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Hagar Geffen (report, photo) J. Gudu Translation:  Marcia L.

08:00 - 14:30


The grazing took place west of Farsiya and in the foothills of Rotem settlement.  The growth is not yet actual, so one can either have pity on the flock or talk a little about the colors and other food.

With one of the shepherds, we receive food each time there is a break in grazing:  oranges that taste like oranges from several decades ago.   With another shepherd, homemade bread, vegetables, tea prepared on a fire, and a stew of roasted potatoes and egg.

Before we depart for grazing, we enjoy the colors and other tasty foods. (See photos.)

However, the most vivid color is the goats’ red udders immediately after calving.