Jordan Valley: Rotem settlement continues to spread

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (Reporting, Photos) Bracha Ben-Avraham

10:20 – 12:30

The valley is already dry at this time of year and the herds are eating the green vegetation and bushes.   The army training areas are empty and there are a lot of busses carrying soldiers to their bases after Independence Day.

The Settlement of Rotem


Rotem settlment 3.5.2017 1.jpg

                                                                                                          Rows of decorative plants and containers


Rotem settlment 3.5.2017 2.jpg
The settlement of Rotem: A pipe covered with mud carries water from where?                                                   
Photo: Rachela Hayut, 03.05.2017


In March we reported that the settlement has expanded.  IN the entrance there is a flag of the New Guard and there are new fruit trees that have been planted.   There is a round building that is presumably a meeting place. This time the flag is no longer there.  It was quiet and there was no one around.

There were rows of plants and wooden frames to hold the plants that were ready to be planted.  A pipe covered with mud carries water from the tower that is south of the area.   It appears that it once served the army camp that was here previously.

The Road to TayasirOn the hills and sides of the road there were shepherds and flocks.

Tayasir Checkpoint was open

Akaba – The village was attractive and welcoming as usual.  We met representatives of a U.N. organization and a Palestinian representative from an organization that helps children with health issues.

Um ZikaWe did not go there today.  We heard from Dafna the next day that the settlement had been moved to a different place in the reserve.

Khalat Makhul:  We met Y.B. who told us that it was quiet and that there had been no incidents.

Bezek Checkpoint – We crossed at 12:30.