Things were as they should be this morning

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Virginia Sivan, Ina Friedman (reporting), Translation by Bracha Ben-Avraham
We arrived at the pedestrian crossing at 06:00 as usual after crossing the bridge, and spent an hour there while people were constntly arriving,  without observing anything exceptional.  We had the impression that fewer people arrived than usual, but it could also be that most people arrived earlier because of Ramadan: they get up earlier to eat before the fast begins and consequently arrive at the checkpoint earlier.    
No one approached us to ask for help until we entered the inspection hall.  A man approached us because he had forgotten his permit at home and asked us what to do.  Before we managed to talk with him the woman soldier in the booth motioned for him to come over and said she would phone the District Coordination and Liaison Office  and find out his permit number and let him cross, which was just what we would have told him to do.  We crossed quickly and easily and even got a smile from the soldier in the booth.