The Jordan Valley, Al-Farisiya: following the teachers' strike, the children are at school two days a week and the rest at home

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Participating: Shepherds’ escorts and Rachel A (reporting and taking photographs), Translated by Vera M.

Escorting in the community – we were 4 escorts, 3 joined A’ at pasture, adjacent to the west side of the Alon Road.

It is sheep sheering time. The sheering here is performed by the shepherds, at pasture time. They  have special sheers to cut the wool, and then gather the sheered wool by a tree and God knows who will gather the wool and where it would be kept..

I stayed at home with the family. The children attend school 2 days a week only, and the rest of the time stay at home. It seems that even the remote lessons by Zoom have ceased. The escorts sorted personal tablets and internet for the children, so that they are able to remain connected, but apparently this is not happening. The teachers’ strike (for non-payment of wages) has been going on for quite some time and appears to be worsening.

The children haven’t got lessons but are busying themselves constantly. I try to understand what occupies them and participate. Some of the time we created “art” with finger paints, paints which I brought with me, just in case there wasn’t anything else available.

The day passed peacefully up to the moment we were about to get into our cars, at which point we were notified that the settlers from Rotem attempted to steal our shepherd’s donkey. We almost joined the chase; however, a resourceful woman, who happened to be there, managed to get the donkey out of the settler's hands and the incident ended peacefully.