'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tayba-Rummana, Tura-Shaked

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Neta Golan, Shuli Bar (report and photos)
'Anin Checkpoint: opened on time, occupation schedule
Shuli Bar
Tayba-Rummana Checkpoint - routine:, or: the occupation has tamed both soldiers and Palestinians
shuli bar
“The prettiest girl in the world, isn’t she?”
Shuli Bar

Barta’a (general checkpoint including entrance into Israel) – 6 a.m.

At our request, the Palestinian security guard willingly opens the metal arm barring the entrance to the lower car park. The waiting line for the turnstile moves and dissipates within minutes and then forms once again. Most of the people crossing are young men on their way to Harish to construct houses for Jews. Sabah al kheir, sabah al nur, salaam ‘aleikum, ‘aleikum i-salaam… (Good morning, peace be with you…) Two days ago at the Jalame checkpoint a man told Neta: “There may not be peace, but why not speak nicely?”
Digging work takes place at the checkpoint preparing to add some installations there.

‘Anin agricultural checkpoint (214), opens twice a week for people holding farming and work permits

6:30 a.m.
People cross the checkpoints, smile at us and receive our smiles with glad greetings and polite-to-hearty good morning cheer. This in itself is what gives us energy to pursue our activity against the occupation. Mahmoud, a kind of colleague, arrives stormily on his tractor and orders: Hurry, call up the DCO. The officer is not letting my kid through, he is under 12 years of age (thus eligible to cross, being registered on his parent’s ID). Mahmoud talks to the DCO soldier on the phone: “Brother, good morning. I am at gate 214 and the officer is not allowing my child through…” The soldier listens politely. At the same time the officer at the checkpoint relents and here comes the child running to his dad, smiling at us with flushed cheeks and climbing onto the tractor. Great, this occupation…

Toura “fabric of life” checkpoint (300), opens daily for people holding various types of permits

7 a.m. – For a moment this dreary checkpoint flushes its cheeks too, as at the same time a few vehicles and a few people crowd in front of it. We are updated about the fatal accident that occurred on July 19 in the nearby industrial zone. Five Palestinians were killed and another two were badly wounded when an Israeli truck crashed into the vehicle they were riding. The driver as well as the other wounded are hospitalized at Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera, Israel. The accident was noted by Israeli media but without naming the casualties, except for the news flash website. This is not necessarily connected with the Israeli occupation.

Tayibe Roumana agricultural checkpoint (154), opens twice a week to people with farming and “fabric of life” permits

8 a.m. – Soldiers and Palestinians act out their roles in harmony. The former let five people at a time through the last turnstile to the woman soldier who meticulously inspects their documents, and the latter, including elementary school children, wait obediently. The occupation refined…

K. and his children were inspected as well as checked by phone, as he forgot to bring along the little ones’ birth certificates. He will photocopy his deed and keep a copy in his smartphone, just to make sure. He introduces his daughter: “The prettiest girl in the world, isn’t she?”