'Awarta, 'Azzun, Burin (Yitzhar), Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Mas'ha, Nabi Ilyas, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Fathiya Akfa and Riva Bacharah, driver: Ala’a; Translator: HannaK

A quite routine report but the occupation is even more routine and ongoing …

14.00 Habla

The checkpoint is empty. It is noon time and especially is is the end of the olive picking season.

14.10 Eliyahu Gate

A bus which transports Palestinians who work in Israel, back and forth, is waiting alongside the checkpoint.

14.20 Nebi Iliyas, Azzun

There are no soldiers at the entrance. Opposite us rise the house of Moshe Zar! Not a pleasant sight…

14.25 Four military jeeps on their way westwards, also a police vehicle.

On our way we pass Shavey Shomron and Kedumim. Further on there is an enormous traffic jam, for a change not because of military reasons but owing to road works (That is to say settlement interests…)

14.50 Burin

Opposite the school at Burin there is a military post (a tower) manned by soldiers.

At Burin we heard from a woman who lives there, that they have an olive grove near the pond which they went to harvest, two days ago, in coordination with the army. The settlers came down from the hills and tried to shy them away!!! They contacted the Army. The army did indeed arrive and watched over them but pressed them to finish quickly. They did not manage to completely finish the harvest “for the glory of the State of Israel….

 15.00 Beit Furik

         The tower is manned. Next to it the soldiers stop a private Palestinian vehicle. They check. For what reason? We look on. The soldiers are already consulting over 15 minutes about the vehicle and look at us from time to time (they probably wait for an answer from the DCO). Later a military jeep arrived, probably the military command. We watch. The Palestinians are still sitting in their car. The Palestinians car has been released!!! They drive on.

15.35 Awarta beneath Itamar

We talked with a chance man we met in Awarta and as much as he knew there were no harassments from the Itamar people during the olive picking. Could the municipality have approached the army? It seems the municipality had approached the army and for the first time there was a military accompaniment.

16.10 Za’atra intersection

The intersection is very packed. There are soldiers on both tracks. There is a new post opposite the old one. In the tower there are 2 soldiers. This time there were no settlers at the bus station.

Ariel intersection

There are many Palestinians who return from their work in Israel. Near the parking lot where they leave their cars in the morning.

Mas'ha intersection

At the bus station there are two soldier and to the left, a bit further on, there are other soldiers.