Jordan Valley - transfer of various items to one of the needy communities

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Rachel A. with two Guests Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

We drove with a trailer that belongs to Tzvia that was loaded with utensils, clothing and carpets.

A water pipe burst under the floor of a storeroom in my home.  I had planned to empty the room of items that I had accumulated before the winter.  The Mukhtar of the Northern Palestinian Jordan Valley requested that these items be brought to a needy community there that had not received help for some time.  

The volunteers in the Jordan Valley establish ties with various communities, but despite their good intentions, the items are not distributed equally among everyone.  After many efforts to coordinate things we completed the arrangements and everyone was pleased.  We arrived at the home of the head of the community that consists of 18 families so that he could divide the items equally among all the families.  We were impressed that the entire area was clean and orderly.   The outside and inside were swept, there were flowers on the window sill, a tree in the yard, and everyone welcomed us. 

The name of the community was omitted here out of respect.

We later visited Makhul to say hello and to congratulate Rima on the birth of her new babyinfo-icon.

We would like to thank Tzvia and Shlomo for their generosity in loaning us their car and trailer, and to Hadassah and Tzvika who did the driving.  

We wish there were more people like you!

Congratulations to Mahdi who was re-elected as the Mukhtar of the Northern Jordan Valley for a second term.