Far'un - olive harvest

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Miki Fisher

We joined our friend Samir in Far’un to harvest his olives – he had been ill and underwent a complex cardiac bypass surgery, and only began to harvest his olives in mid-November.

Like many other farmers, Samir was issued only a single permit for himself and his son this year, and could not manage to harvest the entire crop. He was not even permitted to employ workers – the DCO becomes more rigid every year in its issued permits, and makes it impossible for farmers to complete their harvest as it had falsely promised.

We arrived, about 50 persons, and jointly harvested about 30 trees that day. The olive harvest is a great experience of working in nature, showing the farmers solidarity, and working together. Samir directed us in spite of his physical condition, passing from one tree to another, as people enjoyed working in nature’s fresh air, climbing trees and reaching every single one. The work is not hard and suits all ages, from 7- and 10-year- old children to the elderly – everyone worked within their ability.

At the end of the workday, there were still 25 trees left to harvest, and Samir’s friends who had apparently finished their own harvest promised to come and end his. May there be more Israelis joining next year’s harvest and solidarity – a real harvest celebration, as you can see in the attached photos.