'Azzun, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Carol Cook and Fathiya (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

13:45 Habla. At the entrance to the plant nurseries, on the main road, there are soldiers standing and at the side of the road there is another jeep. The Palestinians said that since a week there was all the time an army presence in the region.

14:30 Azzun. The gate is closed by concrete blocks. Pedestrians can enter after a meticulous check.

14:40 The Jinsafut -  Funduq intersection. The bus station is manned. Three soldiers stand with drawn guns. A jeep with soldiers is parked at the intersection.

14:40 The Jit intersection. The post is manned and the soldiers who stand at the intersection make random checks.

15:05 Burin. On Thursday, 4\4, the settlers from Yizhar chopped down olive trees which were near the Settlement (this was reported in the Al Ithad newspaper, and also by the locals from Burin).

The post next to the school is manned and so is the post on the road opposite the entrance to Yitzhar.

15:20 Huwwara. The checkpoint is manned and so are all the posts.

The main road near the square of the Huwwara-Yitzhar intersection is manned and there is an enormous traffic jam.

15:30 Beit Furik. The CP is manned at both directions and vehicles are checked.

Beita…There is a barrier at the entrance to Beita on the spot where a Palestinian has been murdered by a Palestinian. A group of soldiers is standing opposite the entrance to the village. Here too there is an enormous traffic jam.

15:50 Za’tara – all the posts are manned.