DCO Etzion: Grape leaves and confiscated lands

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Shlomiet Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg (reporting)

A very quiet day.

 While sitting and waiting  in the parking lot of the DCO (we have been sitting there and not in the hall since the beginning of the Corona)  we saw a woman going past carrying a bag of grape leaves. As we were leaving, we saw her still was standing there so we stopped. She said she wanted to go to Bethlehem and had not any money.  We gave her a lift to Bethlehem and some money so she could take a cab to the person for whom she was, as far as we could tell, bringing the leaves as a gift.

 Shlomit checked in the waiting room and said that there were many areas of land being confiscated  for the purpose of making more settlements, roads or anything the government deems more important than the needs of the Palestinians  in the occupied territories, Alon Shvut, Efrat and Metzad Asfar.

 A trader came for help in entering Israel, but he's only been vaccinated once and was due to get the 2nd vaccination in a month’s time. We asked if he had also gone to the Palestinian Authority about it, and he replied that they kept putting him off saying one week, one month, who knows.  Most of the time we are told that they have to wait at least another month.

 A young man married to a German woman has come to try and find out the status of land belonging to his grandfather in E1, near  Ma’aleh Edumiem. They have partial papers concerning the ownership of these lands.

 Otherwise it was a quiet morning