Burin (Yitzhar)

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Fathiya (by phone); Translator: Tal H.
שתילי עגבניות הרוסים
הכיפה כעדה
הנזק לשתילים

Phone report from Burin
Today, Tuesday, May 5, 2021, a Bourin farmer – as usual every day, at 5 a.m. – to work in his greenhouses, and he was shocked by what he found: they were ruined, all the plants were uprooted and everything was thrown into chaos, the deed of settler-colonists from Yitzhar.
They have often threatened him that they would do so. The did it at night, although the greenhouses are located inside Bourin, at the entrance to the village and very far from the settler-colony Yitzhar.
This is his only source of livelihood. He has a large family which he keeps. The land on which the greenhouse was erected does not belong to him. He leased it because he has no land of his own.
The photos show the yarmulka of one of the settler-colonists.