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Guests of "Breaking the Silence" and Hanna Barag (reporting); Translator: Judith Green

04:10 - 06:30

Already during the trip on the road which connects 443 with the checkpoing, we were surprised that there were almost no pedestrians on their way to the industrial zone.  During our whole shift, it was conspicuous that the number of people passing through was very small.  The "Humanitarian passage" didn't open at all, since there was no demand for it..  When we left, the "cages" were empty and the checkpoint looked abandoned.  Afterward, we heard about the incident at Kalandia, which may have been the reason for the emptiness. 

A small group of workers arrived at the checkpoint as usual, only to find out that, overnight, they had become "refused" by the GSS.  They all had up to date permits!  We have already spoken about Collective Punishment...