Etzion DCL: An Israeli citizen from Walja can not get an Israeli I.D

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שלומית  ש.    אורה  א.

Etzion 4.11.2019

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10.40 When we arrived, the waiting room was full. We were immediately told that yesterday they started receiving people at 1.00 pm, as usual on Sundays: they received about 30 people and sent the rest home at 5.00. This morning several people who waited were let in but for over an hour no one was let in. In conversations with the few people who came out, it turned out that only one of the three windows that are dealing with people demanding magnetic cards is manned. The soldier in charge of this window is supposed to issue and hand over the cards to the applicants. The window for issuing entry permits was manned too. Perhaps the reason for the slowness today is due to the fact that the soldier manning this window is disqualified or just doesn’t feel like working. Apparently, today also, many disappointed people will be sent home.

A young man talked to us and said he wanted to get an entry permit to look for a job and was told that he has a permit for Betar Illit. He said he never asked for that permit, has no idea who issued it and how can he cancel it since he actually doesn't work. The Bureau of Labor does not issue another permit on top of one that is supposedly valid.

A man from Walja, whose home and family homes are in the municipal area of ​​Jerusalem, said he asked for a blue ID card and did not get one. On appeal to the court, which renews every few years, they were granted a sojourn in Israel accompanied by a ban on expelling them from Israel. To his astonishment, he found out a few months ago that he and one of his sons were denied the right to stay in Israel despite the fact that their homes are in Israeli municipal territory.