Tura-shaked: One of the soldiers treats the Palestinians aggressively

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Roni S. and Hannah H. Marcia L., Translation
people and a carrige in front of a checkpoint

05:50 – 07:30

05:50 – Barta’a Checkpoint

We were impressed with the number of people this morning going out of this large checkpoint.  It was larger than the number we have seen lately.  Have they given more permits?  It’s not clear. .A large group of people return to the West Bank from their night shift in Shahak (the industrial zone in the Seamline zone).  A man who has been prohibited by police requests help, and we give him the relevant telephone numbers.

06:30- Anin Checkpoint

The road approaching the checkpoint is blocked by soldiers who came to manage the checkpoint.  They stop two Palestinians who crossed at the Seamline Zone; obviously by breaking through the fence.  After five minutes, the soldiers arrive at the checkpoint itself and open it.  At 06:40, the passage begins.  The inspection of those passing through is conducted at the lower gate, which we cannot see.  Therefore, cannot know if everyone was allowed.  In all, 70 men and women, two children, and two tractors went through.

07:10 – Tura Checkpoint

The checkpoint is dirty, as usual, but today, for a change, it also smells very bad.  The checkpoint is opened late by 30 minutes, as usual--at 07:00 instead of 06:30.  Those who pass through complain about the a soldier who treats them aggressively.  Cars go through in two directions.

07:10 – Female students pass through to school in Tura.