Jordan Valley: the dogs bark and the convoy passes…

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Sharon G. (report), Omer (photographer) and Meira of Taayush

We accompanied the shepherd youths, cousins, along with M. – A.’s father – after they requested close accompaniment following the arrest of the two shepherd boys five days ago, as we reported on Friday, January 31, 2020. The accompaniment itself was peaceful.

On our way we saw a water pipe coming out of the settler-colony of Maskiyot and climbing up to the new illegal outpost south of the colony.

Back at the encampment, we were welcomed by the children who had already come home from school.

We drove out to settler-colony Ro’I, to see the state of the gatesinfo-icon on the way to the Al Hadidiya community. The gate was locked again, which forces the children on their way home from school to walk a long way instead of riding the school minibus all the way home.

Attached is the answer to my letter to the legal adviser about the locked gates. I called the DCO again to complain about this and was told that they would look into it. As usual – the dogs bark and the convoy passes…