Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S., Ora A. Chana Stein translating.

10.30.  In the parking-lot there were many cars but the waiting-room was empty. The soldier on duty worked efficiently and immediately let in everyone as they arrived. Inside, though, progress was slow.  As they came out, people said they had waited more than an hour.

An older man approached us, and told us he was a merchant. For many years he had a permit to enter Israel. Half a year ago his permit was cancelled and he was a ‘refused’ by Security. He does not know the reason.

A youth who works in an old people’s home in Beit Hanina said that he, too, was suddenly refused by Security.

Another person, refused entry by Security for many years, said he has brothers who all have been allowed work permits, and he does not know why he is not allowed.

Some people arrived, summoned by Security. They showed us the summons forms from the Police, telling them to appear before a certain “captain,” who is apparently a Security official.  We were reminded of the old “Captain George.”  It would be interesting to know why people who are invited to Security receive a form as if they are invited to the Police. We gave them the usual advice how to cancel the entry refusal: to present a letter from a prospective employer and to enclose a request for consideration of their circumstances [istirham], a copies of identity card and magnetic card. We explained that they are allowed only once a year to make such a request.