Zanouta: An acre here, an acre there, so Palestinian land is being stolen

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Hagit Bak
בראש הגבעה רואים מבנים אחדים, חוות צאן פיראטית של מתנחלים

An acre here, an acre there… the settler-colonists’ new method of robbing Palestinian land is to found a sheep-goat-cattle ranch. Place two structures on a hill, pave your road, bring your livestock. Not a second’s thought about ownership of the land, and the grazing ground is robbed. This time it was done near the Palestinian village Zanouta, on road 60. The photos were taken from the area of Meitarim, the regional council of the South Hebron Hills.

Fiad of Zanounta tells us that the settler-colonist here is Eli Federman (son of the extreme-right activist Noam Federman) and he adheres to his dad’s positions. Every morning Eli sends his drone up, watching the Palestinians’ flocks, and bringing his own there.

Might is right. And despair reigns.

Eli has strong backing. The “Amana” movement (the settler-colonists’ longtime ideological and practical source) has adopted the new method. We have already seen such ranches near Negohot, Pnei Qedem, Asa’el. Amana activists have already raved about “occupying” 1000 dunams this way, and there’s more to come.

There is nothing more we can do beside sharing this information with our friends Hagit Ofran and Dror Etkes (activists following the settler-colonies in Peace Now).