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Hagit Sar Shalom, Nina; Translator: Natanya

Hebron. The checkpoint which is being built at the Kapisha neighborhood is very impressive, really serious and very much like the other massive checkpoints in the area. One can still pass through to Muhammad’s store and enjoy his services and meet his clients.

It is hard to get used to the checkpoint at the entrance to Tel Rumeida where we had been used to passing freely.

What do the inhabitants do?!!!


In Shuhada street we met our friend, Zidan,  who told us of a Palestinian who had been beaten by a settler and his face beaten up and then on top of all that he had been arrested for a while.

We  went to the high mountain near Bani Naim where is the site which is called Yaqin or “the outpost of the three kings". This place is thought of as being holy to all three religions and looks over the Dead Sea and Sodom. It is important to visit this place because of the fear that settlers will take it  over and the local inhabitants keep their distance so as not to get into confrontations.