South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Hagit Sar Shalom and Nina; Translator: Natanya

We went  to Susiya and and visited  Azzam and his wife Wadha who are always hospitable …..and tasty

While we were speaking Naser's brother arrived who said that he had just been stopped by soldiers at the checkpoint when he came back from Yatta. This is something that happens all the time. They inspected him and delayed him for a long time. The inhabitants of Susiya pass through  this checkpoint, sometimes several times a day. The army knows them personally . In spite of the they often delay them and the feeling is that  they want to harass them and for no other reason. The teachers too who come from Yatta to teach at the school in Susiya and who are well known to the soldiers also complain about being detained.

Azzam claims that the many organizations for peace in Israel are very divided, and if they would unite to one large force they could change the situation. It seems to him that some of them have weakened and decreased. He tells us about the holiday which has ended and its customs, the camel they slaughtered as a sacrifice and the joy of the holiday: In spite of  the difficulties - you also have to rejoice. "

We went to al-Tuwani where  we had arranged to meet with the young kindergarten teacher Intisar. The goal was to visit the kindergarten and hand her packages of clothes and a few games and toys. We did not manage to visit the kindergarten itself because Inatisar did not have a key (the garden has not yet opened and these days she is organizing children to come there).

We walked (with difficulty) to her house on the top of a steep hill as the car could not get up, and we heard from her about the kindergarten. She works as a volunteer because there is no one to pay her a salary. Probably another case of "falling between the chairs" - no one is interested - neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority. It seems there will be 11 children aged 5-6 in the kindergarten. As the only  kindergarten teacher, she can not take more children. After a period when the kindergarten was not active  because of various difficulties - Mira Balaban helped her return to work and will accompany her. The garden is still empty, lacking equipment, and it is important and vital to help. (Perhaps through communication with Mira?)

Sunday the kindergarten will open.