Jordan Valley

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Rachel A., visitor.
בקעת הירדן
The Jordan Valley
Rachel Afek
בקעת הירדן: מחכות לחליבה
In the Jordan Valley: waiting to be milked.
Rachel Afek
ריבועי גבינה בתהליך יצירה
Squares of cheese during the making process.
Rachel Afek

Visiting families, accompanying shepherds, milking and other tasks. 23.1.

Live auditory testimony. 6.2.

The workday starts with milking before dawn, continues with cheese-making, baking bread, pasture, feeding, pasture again, childcare, laundry, cooking - until dark. And this is on good, sunny days when no settlers invade with their flocks, and only the army performs its maneuvers on fields in which the new wheat is growing.

Auditory testimony on 6.2.2019:  A large military exercise took place in the northern valley. It included tanks, quantities of troops, and all sorts of weapons. Explosions could be heard throughout the day. Families had to leave their homes in several villages, and about 218 men, women, and children, with their herds and cattle, were made to leave the area and stay at a distance, next to the Taiseer checkpoint, from 10 am till 5 pm, and to let the soldiers do all they wish. I heard the explosions from afar, on the telephone. There were tanks all over the place, and the whole area turned into a horror movie.

Next week, too, on 14.2.2019, the same shameful event is about to occur at the same hours. The people will be removed from their homes, all over again.

And what about us? What had we done when we knew?