Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Steinitz and Natanya Ginsburg

A man had a verbal argument with an Israeli Arab bus driver who then sprayed him with pepper.  The bus driver complained to the police. We did not get more information from him other than that he is now police prevented and he wanted to know what to do about this. It seems even an Israeli Arab has an advantage over a Palestinian.

On the door was a hastily written notice in Arabic that the DCO was open only for those who had been called in by the GSS and not many people arrived. One man also said that the DCO would be closing earlier today. Also, in the beginning we noticed that people were not coming out from the offices. Then evidently, they were being more speedily dealt with and a few of them came to us to ask for help.

One man was prevented because of traffic fines which he had not paid, and which had reached the sum of 3000 shekel and he cannot pay this. We gave him the number *35592 to see if he could get the fine reduced.  

More and more of those coming to the GSS have suddenly been turned back at the checkpoint and told to report the GSS. One man from Yatta said that the whole family group of 3000 had had their permits taken from us. Shlomit spoke to Amira Hass and asked her to find out if this is so.