Hebron: "We don't have Corona, but in India they're suffering"

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Hagit, report and photography
ביתן שמירה ליד קיר של בית

Ramadan.  Hot. No one who doesn’t actually need to work goes outside.  People are fatigued and the usual uplifting of spirits that comes with the Ramadan is non-existent.

We didn’t enter people’s homes, but spoke with them only on the street and in grocery stores.

What we heard:

There’s no Corona, poor people of India.

There are no elections.  Abu Mazen is both right and annoying at the same time.

Not enough permits are given for prayer in the El Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

This week in Hebron they’ve not heard of altercations with settlers.

On highway 60, just a bit before the El Pawar junction, soldiers generally guard the pool by the spring.