Today is the 55th anniversary of the occupation

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Muhammad, Hagit (photos & report), translation by Danah

It's hard not to think today is the birthday of the occupation. It is 55. The world spins on its axis and despair permeates every last corner.

We entered Hebron through Beit Einun. There is no sign warning of the entrance to Area A but we entered because we knew they had opened the gate to the Kapisha neighborhood. The Palestinians are re-paving the road from Beit Inun to the Kapisha neighborhood and preparing lighting poles.

In my humble opinion, the gate to the Kapisha neighborhood was opened to pave the way to the Cave of the Patriarchs from Givat HaMvaeser and the northern part of Kiryat Arba, even if the road passes through a Palestinian neighborhood.

In Beit Ha’Tekumah (a house purchased by the settlers on the Zion axis, and now the question of its renovation and population is in court hearings), there is one soldier whom I catch in the middle of putting on tefillin. With him is another soldier and a conversation begins… I will not repeat it but the bottom line is that there is no occupation.


Besides, we met T., a journalist acquaintance who has not heard of the news item from Haaretz about the handcuffing of young girls..

The occupation is terrible as usual. And it is also done in our name.