Anin checkpoint: A settler from Ariel attacks an Israeli citizen

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Hannah Heller and Hagar Dror Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

8.00 – 6.00

Barta’a Checkpoint 06:00  the two roads leading down to the checkpoint as well as the parking lots were filled with private cars that had arrived to take people to work.  People were sitting among them and told us that  Mevo Dotan Checkpoint where Route 585 crosses, was closed.  Those coming to Barta’a Checkpoint from the direction of Jenin had to drive around it and had arrived late.

We walked down the long sleeveinfo-icon to the terminal and hundreds of workers were walking up.  They told us that is had taken them a half hour to cross through the checkpoint.  The busy owner of the kiosk told us that he had begun his workday at 03:00.  (The checkpoint opens at 04:30).

The increase in the number of work permits is quite evident.  Unfortunately, since our driver Pierre is an Israeli Arab, he is not allowed to cross to the Palestinian side of the checkpoint to observe the rate at which people enter the terminal and the crowded conditions there.

At this hour workers are returning to the West bank at the end of their night shift in the Shahak Industrial Zone located in the seamline zone.

Several passenger cars and trucks carrying merchandise were being checked in the vehicle shed leading to the seamline zone.

A’anin Agricultural Checkpoint 06:45  This checkpoint is open only two days each week   The checkpoint was not yet open, but the was already a crowd of people standing and waiting next to the locked gate.  A bus came carrying soldiers that continued on to the Tibeh Romena Checkpoint.  The soldiers guarding the fence were changing shifts at both of these checkpoints and there are soldiers stationed there 24/7.  The soldiers arrived to open the checkpoint at 07:00.  The first to cross were two tractors, some elderly people, a family with two small children, and other women and children.  They were followed by young workers.  About 100 people crossed.    The soldiers checked some of the plastic bags they were carrying.  Today we saw that the new permits that had been given to residents of A’anin allow them to cross at Barta’a, and one person told us that some permits enable people to cross at Tura each day as well.  These two checkpoints are far away from the village of A’anin.

A vehicle belonging to the Ariel police force whose rude and hostile driver is well – known to us, came to aggravate Pierre, our driver, claiming that there was a sign on the road leading to the checkpoint forbidding cars to enter.  He even threatened Pierre with a fine and made him go back to the main road.  There is no such sign at the checkpoint and cars drive on that road all the time. 

Tura – Shaked Checkpoint, 07:30 – The checkpoint was open.  Workers were waiting under the shed for the shuttle that takes them to work in the Arab villages in the seamline zone, including Barta’a.  They reported that today the checkpoint opened only at 07:15 instead of at 06:00.  This has been a frequent occurrence for a long time.