Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Ora Inbar, Hannah Heller Chana Stein translating

15.45 – 16.50.

15.45.  Barta’a – Reihan checkpoint.

Many workers, mostly from the construction site in Harish (Israel), descend in groups the very long sleeveinfo-icon, their exit then hampered by building works that fill the parking lot.  One turnstile serves both those passing in and out of the W.Bank and this slows down their passage. Two women with children from Jenin on their way to a visit in Barta’a are delayed because her finger print did not match (a common fault in biometric machines), and she had to produce a phot of her eyes, which she (of course) did not have. After a few minutes she was allowed through.

We were approached by a man whose son was caught by Israeli police driving without a licence. It is unclear why he both paid a fine and was tried in a case which then cancelled the fine. He applied to the D.C.O. to get his money refunded, only to be told that he had to apply with a lawyer – which, of course would involve more expense.

16.30. Turah-Shaked checkpoint.

Israeli Arab families are returning from the village close to the checkpoint, Turah, with shopping baskets. One of those returning tells us that the soldiers do not behave well towards women who do not understand Hebrew. Cars and pedestrians pass in both directions. Workers returning tell us that this morning the soldiers arrived at the checkpoint only at 6.30.