Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Raya (reporting) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

Tarkumiya crossing is packed as usual with many vehicles (good sign) and so much rubbish like a third world country (not good/bad). 

On the way out of Tarkumiya towards Hebron, there are many military vehicles moving on the roads as well as a military vehicle standing at the Shuyukh-Hebron crossing.

At the entrance to Hebron, in front of the gas station and above the house of the Jaber family, a bulldozer and a crane are working and preparing the land for another settlement.  

Bassem, who lives in front of Beit HaShalom reports that he is sometimes detained by the army when he arrives by car. In addition, on Saturdays, settlers pass by on the way to the Cave of the Patriarchs, singing and sometimes cursing. 

Abed of the souvenir shop, has recovered from a sunstroke and is feeling well, but his financial situation is deteriorating because there are no tourists in Hebron and in the entire region. 

Zidan Sharabati reports that the settlers and soldiers at the Hashoter (policeman) checkpoint, drive them crazy and do not allow them to move and pass freely when leaving and returning to their home.