'Azzun, 'Izbet alTabib, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Michal B.G. photographed, Karin L.  reported

We tarried at M.’s at Izbat Tabib. He reported that the army has been blocking the road to Azun every night and asked, half in jest, whether we couldn’t come and pass the night at the village. We also talked about the situation and how we wished it to be.

12:40 Palamiye North (914)

Three tractors and a few cars were already waiting, some to pass to their plots beyond the fence and some to collect and transport the people who were returning to their villages.

It was already reported that the CP had been altered: There is a paved passage that is opened in the morning. The big gate for the passage of vehicles in the western fence isn’t situated directlyopposite the gate in the eastern fence. The Slalom maneuver between them is very difficult for long vehicles and for tractors with large carts.The vehicle queue gets longer  T

falamiya north  61216.jpg
The new pedestrian passage   ​

falamiya north  61216
   The vehicle queue gets longer  ​                                

12:45 The CP hasn’t been opened; no soldiers to be seen.

12:55 More tractors and vans arrive, and the queue becomes longer and longer. At the humanitarian center they transfer me to the person responsible for the sector. “There is a delay, there was a security incident”.

13:00 A single military vehicle arrives. Four soldiers open the gatesinfo-icon. The passage runs smoothly. First the pedestrians pass and then the vehicles. Some of the tractors pull carts loaded with sacks of za’atar and other produce.

13:17 The CP emptied and we left to reach the Palamiye South (935) CP. At the intersection a young driver stopped us with hooting. One of my tireshad only a little air. When he saw our helplessness, he quickly changed the tire. He practically saved us. We continued, in spite of the puddles and the mud, found the CP still open but except for the soldiers there wasn’t anybody there.

On the way back we passed by Z. at Azun, with a laden car. He was glad to see us but it was sad to see that the trembling of his arms was very strong. I hope that the operation he underwent will better his condition.