'Izbet alTabib, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Nurit W.L. and Karin Lindner, reporting and photographing.

11:45 On our way to Azun we passed Izbat Tabib. There were complaints about the closing down of the passage of Azun. Immediately at the beginning of our tour we saw fancy waiting stations, on both sides of the road, perhaps intended for the workers at the new factories. A number of workers who walked along the road probably made use of the lunch break to buy food at the nearby grocery store. We met M., who complained that the army arrives from time to time, closes the road to Azun and makes their life difficult.

The big bar that closes the road
instead of the concrete blocks


עמדת המתנה בדרך לעזבת טביב.JPG
A decorated bus station

We went on for a short visit at Azun.

12:50 Falamie North 914 CP

The CP was open. On its eastern side, two tractors waited; drivers had descended for the checking of their documents, which had been delayed a bit. In the end they passed with no problems. After them ,several of tractors passed from the other side. They explained that more farmers would return in the evening. We waited for everybody to pass and went on. We again heard the justified complained that it was impossible to work at agriculture in this manner, and why they were not allowed to reach their plots at whichever time they wished.

13:15 Falamie South 935 CP

When we got there, a car arrived at the same time. A woman alighted and waited for the checkpoint to be opened. She thought it was due to be opened at 13:45 and when it was opened 10 minutes later she was happy and said that we had brought her luck.

Three young men we'd met said they worked on the western side. One of them told us that he had been held by the General Security Service (Shabak). We returned by way of Jiyus.