Etzion DCL: Maltreatment with bureaucratic gloves

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg (reporting)

DCL Etzion

10:30 - 12:00

The men’s toilet is again locked.

A man of about 50  is Police Blacklisted as he was working in Israel illegally, and though this edict has now ended, it of course does not appear on the computer.  We told him he should wait a week or two.

Two young men were sitting for a long while worrying about their brother who had been called in to the DCL by the Shabak. We told them it could take a long time and indeed when we left they were still waiting.

A young woman from Kfar Yasif (in Israel) arrived with her Palestinian fiancée. They had met at an hotel in Israel where he was working, and now they want to marry. The problem is that  he was on the prevented list. This was was already supposed to changed on the computer seven months ago but nothing has been done. They came last week and were told that he would get a reply within a week. Of course nothing has arrived. They were told that there is a technical error!  But A. told Shlomit that the prevention had been automatically extended. So what else is new. We also told them that the chance of his being allowed to live with her in Israel were very small.

In all three cases we gave them them Sylvia's contact details. And again so what else is new.