The occupation is organised

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Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting); Translator: Louise L.

North sand South Falamiya

The occupation is organized: "We have gotten used to it", says our acquaintance who arrives in his car with his sons who are university graduates.

North Falamiya – We arrive at 6:00, the gate is open. Six soldiers are checking and "protecting" the crossing to the farmland (according to the farmers, za'tar and also greenhouses).

The tractors arrive one by one. People enter reading their ID numbers before going on. The tractors with their drivers are being checked at the entrance. Many people arrive in taxis for which they have to pay. Many young people arrive. Some of them have already graduated from university but keep on working in agriculture. Others work during the vacation. The main crop is za"tar. Eleven tractors arrive.

South Falamiya – The gate opens at 6:45. They don't even open the separate path for the people who are being checked without having to wait. The tractors are also being checked the moment they arrive. There are eight tractors, one truck and one private car. The gate closes at 7:10 (notice the punctuality …)