Etzion DCL

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Ora A. Shlomit Steinitz Translation: Naomi Gal

We arrived at half past ten. There were about ten Palestinian cars in the parking lot. There were hardly any people in the waiting hall except a few fathers who were waiting for their sons who were investigated by GSS. Except one of the investigated, who was summoned by phone, the rest were granted a night-time visit between midnight to 2AM.

Fortunately these nightly visits were not accompanied by breaking of doors and different objects. This time the youngsters interrogated were not students but young people in their 20s, all work in manual labor, car body repairmen, building blocks factory etc.

To people prevented by GSS or the police we were only able to give the usual advice. We hope it helped.

A young man who was injured in a work accident in Israel was summoned to appear in court for work related cases in Jerusalem at 11 today (Monday). The previous day we sent officer Izzy a question as to why the guy does not get a permit. In response, which I saw later because it didn’t reach my phone, he said that the guy was summoned for the next day. The fax header the guy had stressed that the case was scheduled a day earlier. Per the advice of Hannah B. we phoned his lawyer so that he could tell the judge that the youngster was not at his trial because he didn’t get a permit. It turned out that he is GSS prevented and therefore needs to apply 10 days in advance and we said it to his lawyer. 

We have learned that this is not just bureaucracy, but the goal is to make it harder for them to receive compensation.