'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

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zafrira Zamir and Neta Golan (Reporting and photos) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham
Anin checkpoint: The soldiers are late. gates are closed.
מחסום עאנין: עדיין מחכים ומחכים

A’anin Checkpoint opened 50 minutes late, but the Palestinians waited quietly with unbelievable patience. 

14:4014:40 – Tura – Shaked Checkpoint

There was no traffic and the checkpoint was very quiet and very dirty.  There is a new Israeli flag flying “proudly” over the checkpoint. 

 15:00 – Yaabed-Dotan Checkpoint
We arrived at the checkpoint after driving past Reihan – Barta’a Checkpoint.  The gatesinfo-icon on both sides of the “bridge” were locked as usual as well as the gate to the short cut road from Yaabed to Emricha.

At Yaabed Dotan Checkpoint traffic was moving through without delay except for drivers having to slow down because of the concrete blocks in the road.

15:20 – Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint, Palestinian Side

A group of women and children were walking along the road towards the West Bank.  We didn’t know where they were going.  The parking lot was completely full and drivers had to maneuver in order to get out.  A few drivers were sitting on the fence at the exit from the fenced in area to try and get passengers.  A lot of workers were already coming back from work.  A soldier was standing in the parking area alongside a Palestinian attendant and a group of elderly women.  As far as we could understand a discussion was taking place about the women crossing to the seamline zone through the vehicle crossing.  Eventually an elderly woman carrying a large package was allowed to go through the vehicle crossing  while being accompanied by another woman. 

 15:50 15:50 A’anin Checkpoint

We arrived a bit late for the opening time of 15:45 but the soldiers had not yet arrived.  Dozens of people and one donkey were waiting.  The gate facing the access road was open but no one entered the fenced-in area.   A car drove past the checkpoint on the security road but did not stop.

16:00 – We called the Liaison and Coordination Office.  A soldier said he would find out why the checkpoint was not open.  We continued to call but by 16:30 the soldier had still not found out what was going on.  More people and a tractor arrived and people asked us to call again.  Everyone waited quietly. 

At 16:30 we called the brigade.   A female soldier informed us that the checkpoint was not open because someone had thrown stones at the fence.  We reminded her that people at the checkpoint had not thrown stones and were waiting so patiently and quietly it was hard to believe after a long work day.   The soldier informed us that the stone throwing incident had occurred nearby and that we should not call the brigade in the future but only the Liaison and Coordination Office.   Another vehicle passed by without stopping.  At 16:35 a car arrived and stopped.  Everyone crossed through the first open gate and stood in front of the middle gate that was still closed.  (See photo 163312)  At this point even the Palestinians lost patience and began shouting angrily.  When the gate opened everyone ran towards the village.   At 16:45 a few people were still arriving.  They were smart and arrived just before the checkpoint was due to close and didn’t have to wait.