Ferisiya: Settlers confiscated 10 goats and returned them

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aylor V., Student of Arabic, University of Haifa, Hagar Gefen (reporter and photography) Translation: Naomi Halsted



We leave for the pasture in the Farisiya area with the herdsman and his father. Today we go eastwards (towards Jordan) and southwards towards the settlement of Shadmot Mehola.

It is impossible to get anywhere near Shadmot Mehola. The last time an attempt was made, the settlement’s military security coordinator seized 10 goats from the herdsman’s flock.

The shepherd is required to file a complaint with the Benjamin Police Department. You can  imagine what happened with the complaint.  In the end, the goats were returned. Who can handle strong and independent goats other than Palestinian herdsmen or Bedouin Palestinians?

Once again, we didn’t miss tea time, but today, when we gathered kindling, we realized that the flimsy branches were dry and produced smoke but would not burn as needed for boiling water. They were thorny branches from a plum tree.