South Hebron Hills: roadblocks all along the road that prevent anyone from entering or exiting the Palestinian towns

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Raya Y (reporting)

We drove past the Meitar Checkpoint early in the morning. There were army jeeps parked on both sides of the road and there were Israeli flags flying that had evidently been hung there by settlers after October 7th.

 The entrance to Samoa was closed and the gate was locked. The entrances to Simia were also blocked with earth embankments, gravel, or boulders. There were roadblocks all along the road that prevented anyone from entering or exiting any of the Palestinian towns.

We managed to get to Farhan’s house after we found an opening.  He told us about the difficulties they are experiencing every day. The residents are forced to create a new passage to the road every day in order to survive.  Each time the army discovers the new break leading to the road they close it time after time.

There was little traffic on Route 60 and almost no cars with Palestinian license plates.

Dahariyya was blocked. 

The entrance to Dura was blocked as well. 

People with merchandise were crossing by foot from Dura to Al Fawwar while soldiers watched.  

 The following entrances were closed:

The southern entrance to Hebron

The entrance to Beit Hagai

Kalikas Junction: Soldiers were positioned on both sides of the road.

Hakvasim (sheep) Junction

There was an army jeep in the entrance to Bani Na'im and further on the entrance was closed.

Shuyukh junction – Hebron