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Smadar and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
סוסיא - ילדים משחקים בגן המשחקים


We went to Susiya to meet Azzam and Nasser, in order to see if they would agree to participate in a movie on Channel 12 which wishes to make a documentary about the lives of Palestinians who live  near the settlements following the Oslo Accords.

Wadha, Azzam's lovely wife is recovering from a difficult knee surgery so this is an opportunity to visit and wish her a speedy recovery. Azzam works in Tel Aviv, so she speaks to him on the phone. Nasser works his land with his sons. They cultivate a plot of land adjacent to their home: plant ‘akub, which grows in the fields but is a protected plant and they are not allowed to pick it. Therefore, now they plant and grow it in the nursery. Nasser says that working in the field calms him down and makes him feel better in the never-ending struggles against the occupation and the settlers.

Attempts to persuade him that this would be a serious article, as Yigal Mosko did, did not help. They are not interested in any act that would be seen as a form of cooperation with the Israeli media.