Susiya: “In a place where there is no  happiness, you must not be happy”

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Muhammed and Ariella (Photos and Reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

Meitar Checkpoint was empty and Route 60 was empty as well.  Only Israeli cars were on road.

The village of Zanuta that was abandoned by its Palestinian residents due to harassment by the settlers and endless attacks, has been “conquered” by the settlers.  They have taken possession of the place, hung Israeli flags and painted the Star of David on the sign to Zanuta.   The entire place is surrounded by a fence so that, heaven forbid, the residents attempt to return.

We saw Palestinian sheep on the green hills along the road – Palestinian sheep that have not yet been evicted from their land.   The fields are covered in yellow wild mustard because the Palestinians have not been allowed to plow and plant their fields.

We arrived at the home of Azzam in Susiya.  We brought him two packages of groceries  from the Rabbis Organization for him to distribute among the besieged shepherding communities    The packages are illustrated to make perhaps things a little easier.

Of course Wadha and Azzam hosted us as always.

Azzam told us that the settlers harass them.   Each day they come dressed as soldiers and conduct training exercises and shout “Allah hu Akhbar!” (Allah is great).   A few weeks ago Azzam talked about the light of a candle flickering in the darkness in hopes of peace.  Now he quotes from the Koran: “In a place where there is no  happiness, you must not be happy.”

The schools are not open because the parents cannot bring their children to school because of the roadblocks, and the teachers are unable to get there either.  

When we left se saw a settler grazing his herd on Palestinian land.

At the entrance to route 317 Muhammed’s sharp eyes noticed that more trailer homes had been added to the illegal outpost at the top of the hill

We continued on the way to A-Tuwani.  Route 317 was completely empty.  At Shani Livne Junction  two civilian ATVs driven by masked drivers wearing IDF uniforms appeared going in the direction of Samu.  

On our way back to Route 60 Muhammad saw Ahmed Abu Sharah from Khirbet ar Rahwa near Tene, standing.  We gave him one of the packages from the Rabbis Organization which he received gratefully.