Bourin: growing cooperation between the Israeli army and terrorist settler-colonists

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Telephone report to Amira Ithiel
Jewish Terror

Our friend D. sent photos of an incursion into the home of her brother-in-law at Bourin (Palestinian) village on Thursday, early morning. She asked that we come that day to see for ourselves and bear witness on the damage to the family and that night’s chaos. Two days later, on Saturday night, she sent more harrowing photos. They show army attacking the village with teargas and stun grenades, circling the village, arresting youngsters who came from neighboring villages to stop this terrorist attack.

I asked our friend M. from Bourin for some clarification. He said that two separate groups of settler-colonists came down to the Palestinian villages of Madama and Bouring. Yitzhar settler-colonists threw stones at Madama, escorted by the army. To Bourin, a group of settler-colonists descended from Giv’at Ronen, threw stones and broke windows of 5 homes. They hit rooftop solar-heated water tanks and a vehicle, and there were other damages besides the hurling of teargas canisters and fear mongering. Here too settler-colonists were escorted by the army.