Who can attack a house in a Palestinian village? Settlers?

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Irit S., Nurit P., Natali C., Shoshi E. (Photos), Karine L. (Photos and report), Translator Tal H.
Who are the intruders??

Following the public notice of an attack against the home of a Yasouf villager, probably by masked Jewish settler-colonists, we spoke with the head of the local council and expressed our wish to visit the attacked family. After a short visit to the local council, its head along with one of his men accompanied us to the house on the outskirts of the village. Opposite the house we detected the remains of a small fire and also found an incendiary bomb. On the access path to the house stood a car whose windows had been shattered by the masked men. The window in the entrance door of the house was shattered in several places.

The young house owner told us about the fear that beset the family when on Wednesday morning, while he was home with his wife and child (it was the holiday), he heard loud noises outside. He approached the door to see what was going on and immediately a stone was thrown at him, so he locked the door. The wife and child hid, upset, and he mounted the roof and from there witnessed a group of about 15 masked men throwing stones and incendiary bombs. He summoned his friends. Because of the location of the house, it is assumed that the assailants, probably settler-colonists, arrived from Tapuach settler-colony. When they saw him on the roof they threw stones at him as well and broke the security camerainfo-icon, but not before it managed to record some of the goings-on, as was reported in Haaretz daily. The link to the story appears at the top of this report.

While he was telling us what had happened that day, several friends and relatives arrived to express their support. Apparently no one covers the financial damages since they have no insurance against hate crimes. A researcher of Al Haq – Palestinian human rights organization – came along as well. He is a member of a world committee of lawyers, adviser to the UN Social-Economic Commission. Hopefully he can help.