'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Zafrira Zamir with Adina (Guest) and Neta Golan (reporting). Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

14:45 – Tura – Shaked Checkpoint 

As usual, the checkpoint was quiet and empty at this time of day.  A car passed through.  It appeared that the electrical work was not progressing.  Development work was being done in the nearby settlement of Shaked, near the new construction works. 

15:10 – A’anin Checkpoint 

Only one person, with a tractor and wagon, was waiting to cross.  He reported that in the morning two other people had crossed.  He didn’t know whether they were planning to return to A’anin.. Two soldiers were sitting under the shed between the two gatesinfo-icon, doing nothing.  A few military vehicles drove along the security road.  One stopped and the soldiers asked if us grandmothers needed any help. We didn’t.  He offered us water, but we had our own. 

At 15:25 the military police vehicle arrived, ten minutes late.  The policewomen opened the gates to the checkpoint and the tractor driver went through.  The other two people who had crossed in the morning hadn’t come back.

  Reihan Barta’a Checkpoint

We drove past it. If there was a closureinfo-icon because of the coronavirus it was not evident.  The Palestinian parking lot was filled, as were the other parking lots up the road.

15:45 – Yaabed – Dotan Checkpoint

Today the checkpoint was manned.  Two military vehicles were parked inside. There were quite a few vehicles passing in both directions.  The soldiers did not stop any of the cars, but they were slowed down somewhat because of the concrete blocks on the road. 

16:10 – Barta’a – Reihan Checkpoint.

We came back. Today, too, we preferred not to go into the parking lot where it was crowded and most people were not wearing masks.  One our way out of the vehicle checkpoint the security guard directed us to a red X on the road, where our ID cards were checked, as well as the back seat and trunk.  We thought the security guard was new, but she said that she had been working there for a long time, and wished us a pleasant trip.