Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Muhammad and Dafna; Translator: Natanya

The Meitar checkpoint is completely open, all is normal. Road 60 is empty.

Entrances to: Samu', fully open, without military barrier and no PA presence. Dahariyah is also open. .

The road near Abda has a lot of  traffic, the entrance is open  and  Abda north, open.

Dura is also open. But at night, according to one of the people we met at the intersection, there are army checkpoints at Al fawwar and cars are checked.  .

Further on Route 60 Beit Hagai is open and traffic flows

The sheep junction is open, but there is no sheep market, because of the corona.

Road 356 Zif Junction, Road 317 sparse traffic.

Back to Route 60 - where there is no special or unusual movement.

The occupation and Corona are routine.