Jordan Valley: A new concept, confiscation of goods by the army, no one knows how to get out of it

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Rachel Afek and guest


We began our day at Azoun, with an exchange – giving and receiving goods for the Palestinian Jordan Valley. S., the lady of the house, knit the padding and offers knitting services for anyone interested.

The Palestinian Jordan Valley:

The notion “goods” is taken from the official form that has starred for a long time now in this area – of confiscating goods. Usually it means confiscating vehicles that serve their owners for work (tractors, shuffdozers of all kinds) or any other reason for prevention that enable the Israeli army to confiscate the equipment (the goods) on the grounds of “closed military zone” orders for an indefinite time, and lay heavy fines on  the “guilty” party. This is a model official form that sends its recipient into a bureaucratic tangle, and even when he finds his way, nothing really happens. Even great experts have not yet learned how to cope with this blow. And thus people lose their source of livelihood and remain helpless. After a two-month-long correspondence with the Civil Administrationinfo-icon I passed the matter on to a lawyer who said it’s an unknown, but was willing to try.

Since there were no special events this time we could focus on an amazing bird formation and clouds wondering deep over the road, interesting and wonderful as usual.