'Izbet alTabib, Falamiya

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Micky F. Alix W. reporting


12:00 Azbet al Tabib

We met a representative from B'Tselem who has been gathering information on the new bypass road that would confiscate private Palestinian land from the people from Azbet al-Tabib and Nabi Elyas. The rep was at M.'s house to hear how the road will impose on the people and confiscate their land. A complaint and a demand to reject the construction was denied on grounds that it was for the benefit of all, and the issue of security also was included in the decision. The rep told us that the court had approved the construction and the paving of the road by a unanimous vote from the judges.

13:04 Falamya

The gate was open when we arrived and there was no one on either side. The soldiers approached us and told us that 10 Palestinians that returned from their fields were there; they also asked questions about MachsomWatch and were interested in where they could read the reports.

To our disappointment, we only managed to get to the old Jayous gate because the driver was given incorrect directions.