Sha'b el Butum – settlers cut the fence and cut olive trees

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Smadar (reporting ) and Mohammad and Ishak Jabarin (photographing). Editing: Mira Laban; Translator: Natanya
שעב אל בוטום – הגדר החתוכה
שעב אל בוטום – אסחאק ג'ברין בשיג שלו
שעב אל בוטום – הילדים נכנסים להתחמם

Route 317:
Mohammad was informed about the destruction of four houses in Sha’b al-Butum, two days ago. So we went to hear and report.
In At-Tuwani, we also learned about settlers who cut fences in two plots of olive trees in Sha'b el Butum, and in one of the plots cut down trees. Naser Nawaja’, a B'Tselem investigator from Susiya, said that the length of the fence that was cut was about one hundred and fifty meters. Every four meters the fence was cut. In one plot, adjacent to road 317, 41 olive trees were uprooted. In a second plot, located about 300 meters from the first, 110 meters of the fence were cut, but no trees were uprooted.

Sha'b el Butum:
We went to Ishak Jabarin, in order to find out the facts. It was pouring rain and we went into the shed with some women and the children of the family in it. The children ran in the rain, and were happy with the games and toys we brought.
Ishak and Mahmoud, a relative who came with us (He speaks Hebrew which he learned while working in Israel, in the 70-80s), said that a settler entered their pasture with his herd. They report to the Kiryat Arba police any harassment of the settlers, but nothing is done about it.
We also met three members of the World Council of Ecumenical Churches, EAPPI,
One from Ireland and a couple from Sweden. They stay for three months in Yatta and report on what is happening in the occupied territories in the region. They confirm the settler's entry into Jabarin's territory and even documented it.

Mahmoud Jabarin says that about a month ago, while he was plowing his field, the army confiscated his tractor on the grounds that it was a fire area. Two weeks passed before he managed to get the 5000 NIS that was demanded of him for the release of the tractor. A lawyer assisted him in dealing with the army.
Now he hardly drives the tractor for fear of being confiscated again. He brings food for the sheep and water from Yatta.