Turah checkpoint: Sheep are not allowed to pass through the checkpoint

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Rachel W. and Neta G. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

15:00 – Ya’bed-Dotan Checkpoint

Rain.  The traffic flows in two directions.  The voice of the muezzin can be heard from the town of Ya’bed opposite the checkpoint. Two Palestinian cars without drivers are parked perpendicular to the road opposite the guard tower. We don’t know why.

15:30 – Barta’a Checkpoint, Seamline Zone side

We went down the terminal sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed, covered path to the terminal) together with those returning from work at this hour.  The kiosk was closed.  Someone said that it is open only on Thursdays, perhaps because people buy cakes on Thursdays for the weekend. Two people returned and complained about the late opening hour in the morning, on the crowding and being late to work, and then returned again to request that they open at 04:00 and not at 04:30.  One of them said that he waited a long time outside, in the rain, and now his back hurts.  The other man said it took him an hour and a half to cross.  When we went back up to our car, the flow of those going down (the sleeve) increased.

16:00 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

A few cars cross the bank (of the road).  A small line of three cars waits in front of the checkpoint. A young man who crossed on foot waits in the shed for his friend, who will come in a car and take him to work.  He is an English speaker, 35 years old, a resident of Tura, a father of three children, and who supports his family and his parents. He is a graduate of Business Administration at the Open University in Jenin.  In order to support everyone, he works in the morning in his profession in Jenin, and in the afternoon, he works in the woodworking factory in the industrial area of Shahak, in the Seamline Zone. He finishes work at 11:00 p.m. and returns home to Tura via Barta’a Checkpoint because the Tura Checkpoint is closed at night.  His brother, a doctor, who lives in Ramallah, sometimes sends money to his parents, but the concern for them primarily falls on him.  He justifiably complains that the situation is bad, but about the checkpoint itself, he has no complaints.

16:20 – We didn’t want to wait for the friend in the car, so we travel home.