Khursa checkpoint - Palestinians are being checked and the settlers pass freely

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya
ח'ורסא - רכבים פלסטניים מוחרמים
הדרך לנגוהות העוברת בח'ורסא

Raya Y. Translator: Natanya


We crossed the Tarkumiya checkpoint in the morning, trucks from both sides of the checkpoint enter through the Tarkumiya crossing and leave the Tarkomiya checkpoint for Israel.

The parking lot on the Palestinian side is deserted these days. Before October 7, there was not a single free space in the parking lot on the Palestinian side, the convoy of parked vehicles continued along the sides of the road. Today there are no Palestinian workers in Israel, there are no vehicles in the parking lot and the area is deserted.

On Route 35 we see roadblocks along the sides of the road, soldiers watching the Idna-Tarkumiya square.

We turned right towards Hebron and got on Route 60. The roadblocks continue here as well.

At the Qilqis junction we saw people crossing the road on foot and we met Abed who informed us that they are under siege, everyone is suffering, there is no end in sight and life has become difficult again.

We continued towards Khursa and passed the checkpoint that was not manned until today. The checkpoint was closed. We reached Tawfiq and Yusuf's house and here too we heard from Yusuf's son that the situation is not good. The soldiers constantly check and trouble them at the crossings and only the settlers pass there in buses with security.

We tried to pass the checkpoint and enter Fuqeiqis, but the soldiers at the checkpoint told us that only settlers have permission to pass.

The buses are allowed to pass, but the Palestinian vehicles cannot and they are stopped and confiscated by the army.

We returned.