Jordan Valley, Khirbet Makhul, Tayasir

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Revital Sella' Rachella Chayut (Reporting and photographing)
a new dates orchard decorated with an Israeli flag
Rachel Hyut
near Rotem settlement
Rachel Hyut

10:15 – 13:00


10:15 Bezeq checkpoint – Went through. Rainy weather, rains on and off. Beautiful scenery. The human sight is less and less to be seen  thanks to the occupation.

Rotem settlement – On the Eastern side of the road leading  up  to the settlement there is a new dates orchard decorated with an Israeli flag. At the pirate settlement  South of Rotem we did not observe new construction nor did we see and people.

Up hill road to the  Tayasir checkpoint – Very few vehicles on the road. People are busy preparing for the rain; covering tents and piles. On the road  and at usual  practice areas  there are no signs of military presence. Perhaps due to the Holyday of Sukkot.

Tayasir  checkpoint -  Desolated. Soldiers might be on top of the guard's tower. And might not.

Allon Road – The soil embankment that disconnects access into the West Bank from the Jordan Valley has undergone  yet another repair; It has been raised, tunnels were dogged  where vehicle could drive through.

Hamra checkpoint – Desolated. The guard tower above the cross road is manned. Passage is open. There is no one to guide Holidays travelers  who are in doubt where should they go.

Halat Machul – This time we set accompanied by A. his wife and her brother. As always they are in fear of destructions orders for their homes. A told us of confiscation of construction materials that were bought foe replacing the roof and for building walls to the sheep pen. A big truck of the civilian authority arrive on Sunday  (Oct. 1st.)  loading everything and took off. Heavy rain started to pour and A. expressed hope that it should continue to that a fresh grass would grow to feed his flock.

Maskiot Settlement – From the road we could observe a new building.

13:00 Bezeq checkpoint – We  drove through. There is a long line of cars.