Burin - Palestinian house was attacked by stone-throwing settlers.

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Fathiya A, based on telephon report. Translator: Charles K.

A house belonging to M., north of the village, just below Giv’at Ronen, near Har Brakha, was attacked by stone-throwing settlers.

At 17:30 the residents of the house heard voices in Hebrew.  They saw through the window a group of males, their faces covered, and gathered in the inner part of the house to protect themselves from being hit by the stones.  The stone-throwing lasted for over an hour.  Windows were broken and also the glass of the porch and the security cameras.  A group of soldiers stood by, watching.  As soon as young men arrived from the village the soldiers began firing tear gas, which entered the house.  The young boy was choking and taken by ambulance to the hospital; the older brother was treated at home.