Hamra area: Innocent settler

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Oded P., Hagar G. (report and photos)

08:30 - 15:30

The day began with the herd being scattered using a drone, flown by the settler, as the herd climbed the hill. Our team's coordinator linked us to the police and encouraged us to file a complaint, i.e. describe the situation.

The drone dived to land in the outpost area, which suddenly became a military base, since flying drones is only allowed for the army.

For about two hours we continued accompanying in an area that looked rich in grass and was actually quite sparse. But the day did not last in such an idyllic way. The settler did not forget our herd and climbed himself to the hills in the grazing area, wandering among the flock and scattering it. It seems as if he is bringing the Palestinian herd closer to his herd, actually implementing his complaint to the police, that the Palestinian shepherd is mixing the herds. Moreover, in lowering the Palestinian herd to the slopes of the hill, he forces the Palestinian shepherd to enter territory that he is barred from entering.

This activity continues as we try to get rid of him and / or ask him to leave. The settler tries to physically approach the shepherd and we separate between them, as I loudly call on him to go, to avoid interfering.

Everything happens fast, in constant motion, all of us, including the shepherd filming and recording.

The shepherd sends me to "stroll" inside the settler’s herd.  I do so. However, his herd is quite sleepy, and I cannot stir up a commotion .. but the idea is wonderful, since the settler constantly explains that he "just strolling, just walking and whistling" while scaring and scattering the herd.

The settler summons police and army and explains that the shepherd and the anarchists (i.e. us) are mixing the herds.

Charming female soldiers arrive, who are unable to have a conversation with the shepherd nor to be assisted by the translation I offer. They declare the grazing area a "closed military area." We are far from the end of the day.

The Palestinian shepherd, without translation, makes it clear to them: Tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning near the big tree he will meet the same unknown officer who will make it clear to him where he can graze.

Thus, one centimeter after another, the pastures of the Palestinian shepherd are trimmed.